A versatile, ultra-durable water-borne acrylic, Breakthrough is formulated to bond to some of the most difficult surfaces including fiberglass, laminate, and many plastics. The interior/exterior satin finish offers very fast dry and FASTBLOCK technology that ensures outstanding early block resistance for increased productivity with less down time. BREAK-THROUGH provides excellent hardness with a low VOC formula, but maintains flexibility to endure extreme bends and deformation without cracking and peeling.

Best Used For:
Doors, Windows, Cabinets, Shelving, Hand rails, Fixtures, Trim, Wood and Concrete floors.

Best Used On:
Aluminum Galvanized Steel, Concrete Gypsum Wallboard-Drywall, Concrete/Masonry Block Interior Wood, Ferrous Metal Laminate, Fiberglass Vinyl and Architectural Plastics, Plaster

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