Painting Tips
Alligatoring  Blistering  Blocking  Burnishing  Cracking/Flaking 
Efforescence  Exterior Fade  Frosting  Mildew  Nail Head Rusting 
Peeling  Picture Framing  Poor Hiding  Poor Sheen Uniformity 
Roller Marks/Excessive Stipple  Surfactant Leaching  Vinyl Siding Warp  Wrinkling  

Patterned cracking in the surface of a paint film resembling the scales of an alligator

Application of an extremely rigid coating, like an alkyd enamel, over a more flexible coating, like a latex primer
Application of a top coat before the undercoat is dry
Natural aging of oil-based paints as temperatures fluctuate

Old paint should be completely removed, and the surface should be primed with a high-quality primer before painting
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