Painting Tips
Alligatoring  Blistering  Blocking  Burnishing  Cracking/Flaking 
Efforescence  Exterior Fade  Frosting  Mildew  Nail Head Rusting 
Peeling  Picture Framing  Poor Hiding  Poor Sheen Uniformity 
Roller Marks/Excessive Stipple  Surfactant Leaching  Vinyl Siding Warp  Wrinkling  

Loss of paint due to poor adhesion
Swelling of wood due to seepage or penetration of moisture into the home through uncaulked joints, deteriorated caulk, leaking roof, etc.
Excess humidity or other moisture escaping from within the home through the exterior walls
Inadequate surface preperation
Applying latex paint under conditions that hinder good film formation, e.g., on a very hot or cold day; in windy weather
Applying an oil-based paint over a damp or wet surface
Caulk or re-caulk open joints, check for roof leaks
Adequate surface preparation
Apply paint within recommended enviormental ranges
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