Painting Tips
Alligatoring  Blistering  Blocking  Burnishing  Cracking/Flaking 
Efforescence  Exterior Fade  Frosting  Mildew  Nail Head Rusting 
Peeling  Picture Framing  Poor Hiding  Poor Sheen Uniformity 
Roller Marks/Excessive Stipple  Surfactant Leaching  Vinyl Siding Warp  Wrinkling  

The splitting of a dry paint film through at least one coat, which will lead to complete failure of the paint

Over-thinning paint or spreading it too thin
Poor surface preparation, especially when the paint is applied to bare wood without priming
Painting under cool or windy conditions that make latex paint dry too quickly

Remove all of the paint by scraping, sanding and/or use of a heat gun, then prime and repaint with a quality exterior latex paint
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